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The Standup Podcast

Sep 26, 2018

Hey Everyone! Welcome to this weeks Standup Podcast where we're going over the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Product Owners!

Product Ownership is such an important component to making Agile Work and having an effective Product Owner really makes the dream work. In this episode Eric Nusbaum & Hernande Silva discuss...

Sep 19, 2018

Hey Everyone! This week on The Standup Podcast we're diving into the topic of Agile Retrospectives, the cornerstone of the most valued principle in Agile which is to Inspect & Adapt.

The Sprint Retrospective is the teams opportunity to have an honest, open discussion about what is working and not working for the team,...

Sep 12, 2018

Hey Everyone! Welcome to The Standup Podcast this week where we're diving into the topic of User Stories, and more specifically: What is NOT a User Story.

User Stories are the lifeblood of WHAT a company and a team are going to be working on. Like we talk about many topics, User Stories are made complete by...

Sep 5, 2018

Hey everyone! Welcome to The Standup Podcast this week where we'll be discussing how a Culture of Collaboration facilitates success within any Agile implementation and organizations in general. Such a great topic that we went past our time-box and the band had to play us off! ;)

Several important topics we cover this...